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We are obsessed with bringing the very best carpet & upholstery cleaning into your home.

Spring Clean Homes was started in 2012 by husband and wife team Neil & Helen. In 2017, Julie joined the company and is now the lead cleaner for the business. Julie is dedicated to the old fashioned company values of being courteous, professional and trustworthy and loves bringing carpets & upholstery back to life again.
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Our carpet cleaning process has been bringing back the healthy happy feeling to your home since 2012. With our range of high quality cleaning products & stain removers, we aim to offer the best value for money carpet cleaning services in the Thanet & Canterbury area Our hot water extraction carpet and upholstery cleaning means we keep drying time to a minimum and we leave your carpet as dry as possible after we clean your carpets We have also put together packages for pet urine stain & odour removal and end of tenancy carpet cleaning packages to make sure your service is tailored to exactly what you need. Click here to see more about our carpet cleaning.
Leather Cleaning

We can bring back life to your upholstery and with our fast drying system, we ensure its ready to use as soon as possible.

Click here to see more about our upholstery cleaning.
Carpet Cleaning before & after paint accident

Bring back former glory to your tired looking leather. Clean & condition.

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100% Money Back guarantee

We are so confident in bringing you 5* service, that if you are not happy with anything we do for you, we will re-clean it, if you are still not happy, we will give your money back

The Most Suitable Cleaning

Our extensive training gives us the knowledge base to treat every carpet in the specific way that it should, there is not one size fits all

Honest Expectations

Sometimes a carpet has seen better days and the money for cleaning one would be better off put towards a new one. We will always give honest advice

Fair, Honest Pricing

To be honest, we are not the cheapest cleaning company around, but we are not the most expensive either. We offer high quality cleaning work at a fair price. We provide solid, fair quotations that will never change, or have any hidden charges added to them. See our latest prices

Fantastic reviews

There is no better compliment to us than when our clients take the time to leave us a fantastic review. Take a look for yourself at our reviews and see why our customers feel we are number 1 for customer satisfaction.

Won't Keep You Waiting

We arrange an mutually convenient time for your cleaning appointment, and will happily drop you a message when we are leaving our previous job so you are not left waiting around all day

Local, Safe Company

As the cliche goes, we are large enough to cope, and small enough to care. Its so true. As a local firm, we stand on our reputation and we want you to tell your friends and family what a great job we did for you.

Family Run Since 2012

Spring Clean Homes was founded in 2012 by Neil Robinson after having a sub standard experience with a cleaning company, and knowing customers deserved better. Spring Clean Homes now benefits from the skills of Helen Robinson (wife) and Julie Fricker (Helen’s sister) also. We are able to draw on the vast experience that we all have in the cleaning industry

The Personal Touch

As with any service, especially one where you invite people into your home, it is vital that you know who will be turning up at your doorstep. We do not sub contract work out so it will be one of our small team attend the property. That includes both the survey and the cleaning job itself.

No Subcontractors

Being a family run business, we really do care about our reputation so the only people that will turn up to clean your carpets or upholstery would be Julie, Helen or Neil. All will be fully uniformed and representing us in the highest manner. There will be NO subcontractors

No Hidden Extras

The price we quote is the price you will pay. We do not believe in hidden charges. As long as you are honest with the information you provide us, if theres any extra work to be done, we will cover the cost ourselves

No Hard Sell

W absolutely do not believe in the hard sell in any part of life. Once we have quoted your carpet or upholstery cleaning, we will ask if theres anything you need help with, then we will not contact you again.

How To...Stain Removal Guides

Life’s Little Accidents…don’t need to become major disasters. Here is a series of 6 how to…stain removal guides from woolsafe to use on your carpet to ensure further damage isn’t caused. 

5* Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning

Bringing Our 5* Reputation To Your Home

Our 6 Most Frequently Asked Questions

After our cleaning process, naturally the carpets are left slightly damp. Drying times can depend on a whole range of factors, so there is no one answer here. If your carpet is heavily soiled, and needs more moisture introduced and rinsed through the carpet, the drying time can be longer.
The best way to get the carpet dry after our cleaning process is to open some windows to create a through breeze across the top of the carpet, naturally a warm sunny day does help here too. During the cleaning process, we are also drying the carpet too with our machinery, and can also place air movers on the carpet to speed up the drying process. We leave overshoes at the property so you can safely walk on the carpet immediately after we leave.
As a guide though, we would say a few hours to have the carpet perfectly dry depending on the above factors.

We endevour to remove all stains, but if the stain has already caused permanent damage to the fibres, this may not be possible. With any stain, we recommend you do not use household cleaners on it prior to professional help as a combination of the product and scrubbing/agitation can cause damage.

Think of a radish and a carrot. A radish can be white on the inside and pink on the outside, this is how we describe a carpet stain that has not been scrubbed or worked on and the stain remains on top of the fibres. A carrot is orange all the way through, so could have already caused permanent damage to the fibres, permanently stained carpet.

The type of carpet also plays a part in stains being ‘removeable’. A wool carpet for example can easily absorb stains as it has ‘fish scales’, where as a polypropylene carpet is more likely to repel stains as it is more plastic based.

This is a common myth unfortunately. Your will notice that your carpets get soiled at the same rate as before cleaning but because the carpet is cleaner, it can appear more noticeable.

When detergents are used, a residue can be left in the carpet, meaning the carpet can go sticky and attract more soil very easily and quickly. We clean using the latest technology and solutions, so strong chemicals and detergents are a no no for us. We rinse through any cleaning solution that we use with an acidic rinse solution. As well as giving the carpet a ‘conditioner’, this also leaves the carpet safe on the pH scale.

We have undergone extensive training to identify points of concern, so can certainly advise if we think there is a danger of shrinkage. One reason for shrinkage is the introduction of too much water to the carpet that the face fibers, or backing absorb. With the extensive drying steps that we take, this is not likely to happen.

We request that you move any little bits of furniture that you can, ie your ornaments from the sides, small chairs and tables etc. If you are unable to do this, please do not worry though as we are more than happy to help out here.
During the cleaning process, we can move whatever furniture possible, we have sliders for sofas, chairs etc. We are unable to move any large book cases for example, cabinets or expensive items, or televisions (insurance reasons).

Absolutely, but please be aware that there is a reason we undergo as much training as we do. We are able to identify issues that may arise. Its also worth considering that a shop rented machine may not have been sanitised between visits so you could be cross contaminating your carpet with the previous users dog wee, blood, or worse!

Shop rented machines also tend to not be as powerful as our machinery, so if you do hire a machine, make sure you give as much attention to the drying as you do to the actual clean itself. Opening windows is a must, and if possible try to do this on a warm day.

The product that is generally supplied with these machines is a general cleaner. We advise that you try and match your problem to the bottle of cleaner that is supplied.

Hiring a machine from shops will generally not remove issues of dog urine odours as this may already be deeper rooted in the carpet. Sometimes, carpet needs to be pulled up and underlay to be replaced. See more about hiring a carpet cleaning machine