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Dealing with coronavirus
Update: 25th March 2020

The current coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak has highlighted the need for good sanitising & disinfection procedures for all homes businesses and public places. The new strain of the virus has proven to be effective at spreading from person to person but also via surfaces.

Currently, there are tests taking place to ensure that our fogging system will kill the latest strain of the coronavirus. It has already shown to be twice as effective as bleach at killing germs and bacteria.


With the recent pandemic, there has never been a better time to keep your home protected from viruses and bacteria. Running alongside your home cleaning program, our aim is to make your home a safe environment for you and your family.


Cleaning & Disinfecting, Not Just Cleaning

Although it is important that your home or workplace is visually clean, its also vital that it receives an extra layer of protection and bacteria and viruses are not just wiped away, but killed. Unfortunately it is not enough to assume that just because the area has been cleaned that it is safe to use.

Fully Approved & Certified
Your home or office can benefit from our many different options designed to protect your environment including a two step clean & sanitise to a full disinfect using our advanced fogging machine which fogs the area with a anti-microbial product. We are also able to offer piece of mind and provide a certificate to show that the areas have been treated by a team that have had full bio hazard training and using an anti-microbial product approved by the NHS

Safe Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning
As standard, ALL of the carpet & upholstery cleaning that we carry out is not only cleaned but also carried a level of sanitisation designed to rapidly kill harmful bacteria, viruses & fungus. see more

We are a real family run business with great enthusiasm for our job and passion for bringing the best care to you. We really do everything we can to provide fantastic service to ALL our customers. We have 100’s of 5* online reviews from current and past clients, please feel free to take a look at what others say about us and our service.

5* Reviews & Free Quotations
We welcome our customers to leave us honest reviews on our website. After having a look at these reviews, if you think we are the right company to clean & protect for you then call us now. We will always pop round to measure up, take a look at any staining, soiling, and listen to your exact requirements, we then give you a quotation for these works (which will never change) and go from there.

Personal Touch
As with any service, especially one where you invite people into your home, it is vital that you know who will be turning up at your doorstep. We do not sub contract work out so it will be one of our small team attend the property. That includes both the survey and the cleaning job itself.


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