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Wooslafe Approved carpet cleaning in Canterbury for amazing clean results

Julie Carpet Cleaner ThanetWe understand that you will want to use your home soon after our professional carpet cleaning so we take steps to ensure you can do this. Your carpets can be walked on as soon as we drive away. We use quick drying carpet cleaning methods to ensure you can enjoy your freshly cleaned areas straightaway. We also use powerful machinery that is specifically designed to leave carpets as dry as possible

Fair, Honest Pricing

Once we have provided a quotation to you, this will not change. We will happily stick to our original price. Sometimes we need to carry out the carpet cleaning process twice if they are extremely soiled or stained, this will not cost you a penny. Sometimes a stain is stubborn and requires extra work, this also will not cost you an extra penny. It’s worth noting also that sometimes stains and odours can not be removed from carpets if irreparable damage has already been caused. We will always be honest and advise accordingly

Hygienically Clean Carpets

Surface-clean carpets may look good, but a quick soak-through and scrub aren’t enough to rid your carpets of the dirt they harbour beneath the surface.

Our carpets also impact the air quality in our homes – unclean carpets can increase the presence of dust and allergens, potentially worsening the symptoms of asthma and allergies.

At Spring Clean Homes, we know how important it is for you to have peace of mind that your home is a safe, healthy environment. That’s why we use specialist, independently tested carpet cleaning products that eradicate 99.9% of bacteria and kill 99.9% of viruses as well as remove excess dirt and dust particles. This way, you can rest assured that your carpets aren’t just surface-clean, but are hygienically clean, free from germs and improving air quality for a happier, healthier home environment.

100% Money Back Guarantee

We want you to be delighted with every element of our carpet cleaning service. With that in mind, if you are not 100% delighted, we will re-clean any areas absolutely FREE. If you are still unhappy, we will give you your money back. Thats how confident we are that we will bring back the healthy happy feeling to your home and carpets.


Our Promise

We operate a small family team, which means that we are all on the same page when it comes to our core promise. Excellence, commitment & customer respect.

Family Team

We only use our own staff to clean carpets so we will not be subbing the work out to another company. The only people that will clean your carpets will be Julie, Jade, Neil or Helen. All will be fully uniformed and proud to bring our core values to your job

Up To Date Cleaning Methods

All of us have been trained on in house training and NCCA training bringing together a mix of skills. We ensure we do this at least yearly to make sure we bring the most up to date products and techniques to your home

Grandchildren Safe

Have peace of mind knowing that your grandchildren can safely crawl or walk on the carpets. All products we use are certified safe for children, and we are more than happy to provide our safety data sheets to you for each product we use to make your carpets glorious again.

Local Business

We carry our most of our carpet cleaning work in Thanet & Canterbury meaning there is no worry that we are a fly by night company, and that we generally do care about providing the best possible service to care for your carpets. We have been operating since 2012 so we have built up enough experience to be able to deal with any eventuality we encounter.

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How To...Stain Removal Guides

Life’s Little Accidents…don’t need to become major disasters. Here is a series of 6 how to…stain removal guides from woolsafe to use on your carpet to ensure further damage isn’t caused. 

See How We Are Helping The Environment

Just How Dirty Is Your Carpet?

dirty footprints on a clean carpet

Your carpets are likely a staple in your home, providing a warm, comforting environment and seamlessly tying together décor. They’ll act as safe play mats for children and cosy beds for furry friends. They may see the odd spillage or muddy footprint now and again, but on the whole, you’ve managed to keep them looking fresh and clean. 

Or have you?

Get your home looking and smelling fresh again after accidents from your cat or dog. 

Our tailor made packages can specifically target any areas of urine or odour that the carpet may have. We will also offer realistic advise as to what expectations you should have following these accidents as if the urine has penetrated the backing or sub floor, the issue may be more deep rooted that simply cleaning the carpet.  

pet stains & odours on carpet. innocent looking dog

Moving out of your home and looking to get your deposit back from the landlord, our moving home package is tailor made for you. 

If the landlord has requested a flea treatment, this is also something we can help with as we are fully registered T.I.P technicians.

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Sharon GallagherSharon Gallagher
17:52 11 Aug 22
We decided to give our elderly Mother's apartment a freshen up. Along came Julie to clean the carpets , such a lovely young lady, so polite and explained everything she was going to do .Wonderful job, it was so hot today and Julie was still smiling at the end, plus Mum's carpets look great.We would highly recommend Spring Clean Homes .Thank you 👍
Malcolm RuthvenMalcolm Ruthven
10:18 26 Jul 22
We can't speak too highly of the prompt and generous service we received from Spring Clean Homes. At a crucial moment in the letting of our flat, Neil went out of his way not only to have all the windows beautifully cleaned but also to provide necessary paperwork. We look forward to Spring Clean Homes helping us on many other future occasions.
Carol BaxterCarol Baxter
10:43 17 Jun 22
Arrived on time and did a very good job on the carpets which had been badly stained by an accident. She came on her own but managed to move all the heavy furniture. We have used Spring Clean before and they always do a very professional job. Highly recommend.
Ashn PayAshn Pay
17:45 09 Jun 22
wouldn't use an other company the best we have ever usedamazing service !
13:53 04 May 22
Great service always received from Spring Clean Homes. Works are performed very well, and they are also honest to advise if a carpet is better suited to replacement (will not just book a job for the sake of it). Highly recommended!
Roger DeanRoger Dean
17:21 29 Mar 22
Spring clean were very helpful and Julia was very friendly and efficient. Very pleased with results of sofa and carpet cleaning.
katie chapmankatie chapman
14:14 25 Mar 22
Julie was absolutely phenomenal, super friendly and efficient. My carpet is 40+ years old and has never been deep cleaned, within an hour it had visibly brightened! So happy with the results. Highly recommend Spring Clean Homes! They're very professional, punctual and their response time is great too. Thanks so much Spring Clean Homes!
Jamie BakerJamie Baker
21:09 12 Dec 21
I highly reccomend the Spring Clean Homes team as for the job they didn't do in my flat. They managed to squeeze me into their busy Xmas schedule and rather than just taking my money and running, they were honest and said that my carpets are not suitable for a flat and they would happily write me an email to help support this to my letting agent on trying to get a deposit back. It was explained to me that because of the carpets age and quality, there would be no wow factor and it could likely damage the carpet that has no underlay. I value honesty and should I need to ever do any carpet cleaning after this then I will not look any further than Spring Clean Homes. Thank you
Zara WhiteZara White
07:34 06 Oct 21
Amazing service!! The girls were lovely and did a fantastic job. Will definitely being using Spring Cleam homes in the future. Thanks Ladies 😊


Our 6 Most Frequently Asked Questions

After our cleaning process, naturally the carpets are left slightly damp. Drying times can depend on a whole range of factors, so there is no one answer here. If your carpet is heavily soiled, and needs more moisture introduced and rinsed through the carpet, the drying time can be longer.
The best way to get the carpet dry after our cleaning process is to open some windows to create a through breeze across the top of the carpet, naturally a warm sunny day does help here too. During the cleaning process, we are also drying the carpet too with our machinery, and can also place air movers on the carpet to speed up the drying process. We leave overshoes at the property so you can safely walk on the carpet immediately after we leave.
As a guide though, we would say a few hours to have the carpet perfectly dry depending on the above factors.

We endevour to remove all stains, but if the stain has already caused permanent damage to the fibres, this may not be possible. With any stain, we recommend you do not use household cleaners on it prior to professional help as a combination of the product and scrubbing/agitation can cause damage.

Think of a radish and a carrot. A radish can be white on the inside and pink on the outside, this is how we describe a carpet stain that has not been scrubbed or worked on and the stain remains on top of the fibres. A carrot is orange all the way through, so could have already caused permanent damage to the fibres, permanently stained carpet.

The type of carpet also plays a part in stains being ‘removeable’. A wool carpet for example can easily absorb stains as it has ‘fish scales’, where as a polypropylene carpet is more likely to repel stains as it is more plastic based.

This is a common myth unfortunately. Your will notice that your carpets get soiled at the same rate as before cleaning but because the carpet is cleaner, it can appear more noticeable.

When detergents are used, a residue can be left in the carpet, meaning the carpet can go sticky and attract more soil very easily and quickly. We clean using the latest technology and solutions, so strong chemicals and detergents are a no no for us. We rinse through any cleaning solution that we use with an acidic rinse solution. As well as giving the carpet a ‘conditioner’, this also leaves the carpet safe on the pH scale.

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We request that you move any little bits of furniture that you can, ie your ornaments from the sides, small chairs and tables etc. If you are unable to do this, please do not worry though as we are more than happy to help out here.
During the cleaning process, we can move whatever furniture possible, we have sliders for sofas, chairs etc. We are unable to move any large book cases for example, cabinets or expensive items, or televisions (insurance reasons).

Absolutely, but please be aware that there is a reason we undergo as much training as we do. We are able to identify issues that may arise. Its also worth considering that a shop rented machine may not have been sanitised between visits so you could be cross contaminating your carpet with the previous users dog wee, blood, or worse!

Shop rented machines also tend to not be as powerful as our machinery, so if you do hire a machine, make sure you give as much attention to the drying as you do to the actual clean itself. Opening windows is a must, and if possible try to do this on a warm day.

The product that is generally supplied with these machines is a general cleaner. We advise that you try and match your problem to the bottle of cleaner that is supplied.

Hiring a machine from shops will generally not remove issues of dog urine odours as this may already be deeper rooted in the carpet. Sometimes, carpet needs to be pulled up and underlay to be replaced.