Choosing The Right Gutter Cleaners For You

5 Tips To Help You Choose The Right Gutter Cleaner For You

Unfortunately many people are not aware of the importance of regular gutter cleaning (I certainly didn’t know before I started to clean gutters). Usually this is because the gutters cant be seen from the ground level, so its is a case of out of sight, out of mind as we cant see the debris that have accumulated or even growing in the gutters. Unfortunately this is where the problems begin, and homeowners don’t consider gutter cleaning until there is water spilling over the side of the gutter causing potential damage to the home. 

One of our most common used phrases here is prevention is better than cure. Its so important to get the gutters cleaned before they become blocked or even broken




We are often asked how often should gutters be cleaned out? We generally advise 2 times a year, once before the winter hits to make sure your property and gutter is ready for the forthcoming weather, and once in Spring to collect the debris and growths that have occurred  during this time. We are more than happy to pop by and take a look at your gutters for you and advise a cleaning schedule accordingly

So that covers how important gutter cleaning is, but there is also the age old question of who should you hire to ensure you receive the best gutter cleaning service? We have put together 5 tips to help you choose the correct gutter cleaning company for you


Insurance - Naturally every gutter cleaning company should have relevant insurance covering themselves, but also the property that they are working on. Don’t be shy in asking questions to any potential gutter cleaning company such as:


How much insurance do you have?

Are all your employees covered?

Is my property insured ?

Can i see your certificate of insurance?

Naturally here at Spring Clean, we are fully insured up to 2million pounds including employees, and happy to prove so



Any professional gutter cleaning company should have a list of testimonials from previous clients who have been happy with their gutter cleaning. Ideally these should be up to date too if possible to ensure that the same level of service can be expected as when the testimonial was received. We have a list of up to date testimonials on our website, but also happy to provide details of clients who have agreed to be contacted to peak about their experience of our gutter cleaning service. 


Clear Pricing

It is vital that you know what you are getting into and how much it will cost. Naturally the larger the home, higher the stories and how blocked the gutters are, the more the price will be to clear the gutters, but as a guide, we charge £40 for the first gutter and £30 per gutter after that. We do however recommend a free on site survey to make sure there is no nasty surprises lurking up there and that access is ok all the way round. the last thing we would want to happen is to turn up to clean the gutters and have to inform you of a different price because we couldn’t reach a section. 


Local Gutter Cleaners

Im not in any way suggesting that national companies shouldn’t be used as there may well be franchise companies out there that will cover your area. We recommend local as reputation should be key to every thing so you should receive a high standard of gutter cleaning. We are upfront here and happy to say we are based in Ramsgate, Thanet, and have many clients here. We also have delighted clients in Margate, Broadstairs, Dover, Sandwich, Deal, Herne Bay, Whitstable & Canterbury


Money Back Guarantee

Unfortunately in the gutter cleaning industry, its a sad fact that there are often new people that want to earn fast cash and start cleaning windows & gutters without the correct training, knowledge, equipment & machinery. Generally these guys stay around for a season or two, then disappear. We established Spring Clean Homes in 2012 and offer 100% money back guarantee on all work we carry out, and have our delighted client testimonials to back us up on our cleaning services and us as a company.