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Commercial Carpet Cleaners


Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Spring Clean Homes offer professional commercial carpet cleaning services in Thanet & Kent to match your specific requirements at a reasonable price. We are providing commercial carpet cleaning service within Kent.

Our small commercial carpet cleaning service team is fully trained and highly motivated in providing quality commercial carpet and carpet stain treatment.

As certified IICRC and NCCA carpet cleaning technicians, we use the latest carpet cleaning equipment and materials which will this will ensure that your carpets retain their optimal colour and appearance.

We've Cleaned Carpets For...

Bowls Centres
Doctors Surgeries
Car Showrooms
Care Homes
Art Galleries
Conference Rooms
Funeral Directors
Communal Areas

Advantages Of Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Deep Clean

A thorough deep down carpet clean will remove dirt and clean heavily soiled areas.

First Impressions

Your carpets are left fresh smelling and colour restored to give the best first impressions for that upcoming board visit, or emergency meeting

Bespoke cleaning & maintenance packages

Our commercial carpet cleaning maintenance programmes are extremely cost effective

Protect Your investment

Regular carpet cleaning will protect your long term investments and internal furnishings. freeing up your budget to spend on other things

Stain Treatment

Individually treating stains will improve appearance of the carpet.

Minimal disruption

We strive for the highest standards without any disruption to you or your office daily routine. We are happy to move furniture and work around your working day to ensure the minimal of disruption is caused to your day


We adhere to NCCA, and trust mark standards and are working towards becoming a certified Commercial Carpet Maintenance Technician

Wide Choice

Our experience will ensure you will receive a tailor made high level of service, and an extensive knowledge base to overcome most issues using our various systems, machines, equipment and knowledge

Reasonable pricing

We are not a carpet cleaning franchise so we can keep costs to reasonable prices whilst also maintaining high levels of personal service

Future Protection

We can provide Scotch guard / stain block services to prevent re-soiling and re-staining.

More £££ for your business

We provide fast drying low moisture cleaning systems, with a free turbo drying service.

Flexible Working Hours

Our short notice and out of hours working times meaning down time and more time for your office to make you money

Overall health improvement

Your employee’s general health will benefit from the removal of bacteria, dust mites and bugs from the carpet giving a possible saving on losing staff days off due to sickness. Allergy sufferers will benefit with a maintained healthy indoor environment.

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