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Commercial Window Cleaners in  Thanet, Kent & London

Why Have Your Commercial Windows Cleaned? 

Windows are exposed frequently to natural elements that we (unfortunately!) cannot control, which means they get very dirty, very quickly. The air, for example, is filled with pollutants like car exhaust fumes, pollen, smoke and general dirt, all of which contains tiny particles that cling to glass, leaving your windows looking dusty and dull. Similarly, some water contains particle solids that leave staining and smudges on your windows when the water evaporates. Particular industries, like restaurants and cafes, are often more prone to dirty windows, with grease and steam collecting on the glass, affecting the overall appearance. 


Put simply, dirty windows are inevitable! Leaving them untreated, however, can result in reduced natural light, reduced warmth and can eventually cause the glass to decay, damaging your windows permanently.  


As well as the risk of damage to the windows themselves, having dirty windows could also damage the overall reputation of your business. We all know that first impressions matter. The exterior of your business, including your windows, is the first thing potential customers will see, and its appearance can sway their opinion of your services before they have even stepped foot inside the building. 


By working with a professional commercial window cleaning provider, you'll ensure that your windows are thoroughly cleaned regularly, prolonging their lifespan and ensuring that your business looks spotlessly clean, professional and inviting at all times.  

Our Commercial Window Cleaning Service 

Here at Spring Clean Homes, window cleaning means more to us than just a bucket of water and a squeegee. We’ll take our time to assess your premises and your specific requirements before deciding on the best process for you. We have a high-reach pole system, allowing us to reach beyond what would usually be possible and therefore are able to clean the windows of a wide range of building types.  We also only use independently tested glass cleaning products to clean your windows. These are entirely free from any harmful chemicals and won't leave unwanted smears when dry.


We are fully trained and insured, offer flexible working to accommodate you and your business needs and are dedicated to providing you and your business with services of only the highest quality. By working with Spring Clean Homes, you can rest assured that you will be left feeling completely satisfied with the end result, each and every time. 

Why choose Spring Clean Homes as your Commercial Window Cleaning Service? 

Spring Clean Homes is a family-run business that we are completely dedicated to and passionate about. With years of experience and knowledge behind us, our main aim is to provide professional, high-quality commercial window cleaning services for businesses in Thanet, Kent & London


  1. With years of experience behind us, the Spring Clean Homes team knows exactly how to treat your windows to get the best results 

  2. Our high-reach pole system means that even your highest windows will be spotlessly clean 

  3. All our cleaning products are independently tested, free from harmful chemicals, and are designed specifically to optimise the appearance of your windows 

  4. We are highly-trained, fully insured and health and safety covered 

  5. We offer flexible working to accommodate any and all kinds of businesses

  6. Our customers are at the heart of everything we do, and we are entirely dedicated to providing your business with a professional, reliable window cleaning service

If you have a business in these areas and would like your windows cleaned by a highly-trained team of professionals, please do not hesitate to contact us on 01843 260444.

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