blood cleanup on carpet


We all have bad days, 😟 although we rarely expect that those bad days mean blood🩸 all over your carpet. When that happens don’t panic and reach for the bleach ‼!
The client 😍who owns this carpet did everything perfectly (and is perfectly healthy too, don’t worry!) they left the stains alone and called ☎️ for a Carpet Cleaner.
The worst thing you can do with any stains or spills is to scrub them, which can damage the carpet pile and make the staining permanent.❌

In this situation I used a cooled enzyme based cleaner and then rinsed it out using our trusty Alltech Advance carpet cleaning machine and (as the carpet was wool)🐏 a Woolsafe ™ rinsing agent.
The blood 🩸 came out completely and once it had been disinfected and dried the customer was once again left with a clean and hygienic carpet and I was left with the satisfaction of a job well done. A win all round!