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Our Hard Floor Cleaning

Why Should I Get My Hard Floors Cleaned

A simple mop everyday is often not enough to fully maintain your hard floors. It is important to have your floors cleaned regularly by a professional to tackle the inevitable buildup of grime and dirt that starts to build up on your floors. This buildup causes not only the floor to become dull and stained over time, but grease and layers of grit can build up causing slippy, hazardous areas to your staff and customers.

What Do We Clean

Our flexible hard floor cleaning service has helped many clients to clean Linoleum, Vinyl , Safety flooring. Please note we do not clean tile or slate

Who Is It For

Spring Clean offer a range of specialist cleaning equipment and abilities, all of which are available throughout Kent. We can many clients with a one off cleaning service to refresh and restore their hard floors when the time comes. Alternatively many also use us for a regular maintenance contract to get the most out of their hard floors, saving time and money through scheduled maintenance cleaning, rather than relying on intensive one-off deep cleans.

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