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Leather Cleaners Thanet 

For A Cleaner, Brighter, Healthier Home To Be Proud Of

  • Carpets & Sofas Dry Same Day

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  • Carpets & Sofas Stay Cleaner For Longer

  • Rated 4.9/5 Locally By 300+

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  • Prices From Just £29 Per Room & £27.50 Per Sofa


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5    Leather Cleaning

Leather furniture - luxurious and often expensive - is an investment not taken lightly, meaning that you’ll want to get as much use and enjoyment out of it as possible. While the leather is durable and supple, and its appearance sophisticated and elegant, your leather furniture is unfortunately still not immune to the everyday dirt and grime that settles on and embeds itself into any kind of upholstery, regardless of its material. 


Dirt, Bacteria and Germs 

Research shows that sofas and arm-chairs are one of the most likely places to harbour germs and bacteria in the home. With constant use by a number of different members of your household, children, pets and visitors, your leather furniture will inevitably collect germs and bacteria, as well as succumbing to general dirt, wear and tear, impacting both its look and feel. Leather furniture, in particular, is known for collecting and absorbing body oil and perspiration, as well as dulling, drying out and cracking if not cared for properly. 

Spring Clean Homes Leather Furniture Cleaning Service 

Here at Spring Clean Homes, we understand the importance of maximising the life of your leather furniture. We can provide you with a quality, professional leather furniture cleaning service that ensures your leather furniture remains a striking feature in your home for as long as possible. 


We’ll assess each piece of furniture individually, taking into account the overall look of the leather, while also considering the dirt and bacteria that might not be visible to the naked eye. We’ll discuss our findings with you and proceed with the right leather cleaning products and methods for your furniture. We use gentle, safe products - completely free of unwanted side effects; these lift both surface grime and hidden dirt, as well as germs and bacteria. You can rest assured that the entirety of your leather furniture is clean and hygienic, contributing to a happier, healthier home. 


Then, once the initial clean is complete, we'll use a gentle leather conditioner on your furniture. This will improve the overall look of the leather. We revitalise and restore its original appearance, while also treating the material itself, reducing the risk of drying and cracking and therefore maximising the life of your leather furniture as much as possible.

Price Guide

£45.00 Single Seater

£85 2 Seater Sofa

£110 3 Seater Sofa

£150 Corner Sofa

*Prices inclusive of VAT

Why Spring Clean Homes

Spring Clean Homes is a family-run business that we are completely dedicated to and passionate about. With years of experience and knowledge behind us, our main aim is to provide professional, high-quality cleaning services for every customer. Our leather cleaning service will leave you satisfied and sure in the knowledge that your home is as happy, healthy and as hygienic as possible.

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