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Professional Nursery & School Disinfection

Nursery & School Clean & Disinfect Services

Your nursery or school is ideally suited to benefit from our disinfection & sanitising services. We can help combat most virus including coronavirus, swine flu, noro-virus and seasonally flu our infection control services can help.

Bacteria Thriving

Bacteria and allergens can thrive in any environment where your children play on or touch  these carpets & surfaces, putting their hands in their mouths placing the children at great risk of developing coughs, sneezes and other more serious illnesses.


How We Can Help You

Using the latest state of the art technology as recognised by the NHS we provides a range of air sanitising via fogging system to combat bacteria or viruses in your nursery or school

We apply a fine atomised mist to areas to enable complete room decontamination. After just 1 hour, nursery or school is safe to be back in use. The government recommended product we use kills 99.999% of bacteria

Parent Peace Of Mind

Parents of children attending nursery schools, need re assuring that the health of children are not put at risk, due to an unhealthy environment.

If you are proud of the standards you keep in your nursery and want to show the parents that you care about the well being of the children that attend your nursery

Free Quotation

We would like to offer you a FREE quotation where we will assess your disinfecting needs and provide you with a competitive quotation to complete the works.

Nursery & School Carpet Cleaning

We are also Fully trained Advanced NCCA members so can also help your school or nursery with your carpet cleaning needs also

Nursery & School Carpet Cleaning

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