Pet Stain & Odour Treatments

Pet stain & odour treatments

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Pet Stain & Odour Treatments

It’s no secret that we’re a nation of dog lovers, but as many of us will know, owning a dog isn’t all fun and games. Unfortunately, our furry friends are prone to the odd accident and often seek out our carpet or rugs to mark their territory. Carpets are one of the worst places for your pet to have an accident, with their highly absorbent fibres meaning that staining can occur, and odours linger. Here at Spring Clean Homes, we offer a professional pet stain removal service to keep your carpets as clean as possible.

Hire A Professional

It’s also important to consider that the cheapest carpet cleaning company may also not be the best company. If a company is charging such a cheap rate, does it mean that their machine is substandard, or that they are cutting corners in the thorough preparation process. Worst still, they don’t have the correct insurance which could leave you with an insurance claim and even more out of pocket.

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Why Should Pet Stains Be Removed Professionally

While it may be tempting to mop up an accident quickly with a towel and household carpet cleaner, this isn’t the best method for removing pet staining and can lead to future issues.

Dogs have a powerful sense of smell and will often return to the scene of an accident to repeat the act. While this is a natural behaviour for dogs, it certainly isn’t ideal for you or your carpets. Odours from pet stains must be neutralised quickly and thoroughly, and this is not achievable with household cleaning products. While these products may mask the smell for us humans, dogs will not be fooled and may even want to return to the spot to re-mark their territory repeatedly. Once this becomes a habit, it can be challenging to break.

Without enlisting professional carpet cleaners, you may run the risk of replacing your carpet or rug altogether.
Waste from pet accidents may also seep into your carpets' underlay, making it nearly impossible to remove with household cleaning products. A professional carpet cleaning service like Spring Clean Homes will be able to assess the extent of the damage and treat your carpet accordingly.

How Can Spring Clean Help

While we can’t be on hand 24/7 to remove every accident your pet has, we do have the skills and expertise to be able to remove stubborn stains that impact the overall health and happiness of your household. We use strong extraction carpet cleaner to get right to the root of the stain, lifting it fully and removing any lingering residue. We’ll then use a professional carpet deodoriser to neutralise the odour completely. This will ensure that your pet is not drawn to the scene of the accident and hopefully will not repeat the behaviour. Pet stains occur quickly and easily, and while nothing is guaranteed, Spring Clean Homes will endeavour to effectively remove staining, neutralise odour and ensure your carpet or rug is as clean and as hygienic as possible.

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