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Carpet Stain Protection

Accidents happen. An evening in front of the TV red wine spillage, muddy footprints after a winter dog-walk in the park, afternoon craft activities gone wrong. Your carpet is bound to bear the brunt of any staining that occurs within your busy home, and, as you’ll know, many of these stains are notoriously difficult to remove.

Of course, protecting your carpet with renowned products like Scotchgard is always an option, but it can be a costly one, and you may find yourself wondering, is it really worth it?

Here at Spring Clean Homes, our aim is to provide you with the happiest, healthiest home possible. With this in mind, we’ve explored the benefits of Carpet Protection so that you can make an informed choice when it comes to your home.

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Carpet Protection, Is It Worth It?

It’s all well and good investing in products like Scotchgard, but does it do what it says on the tin?
Let’s explore. Specialist protective formulas ensure that:

Spillages remain on the surface of your carpet for much longer – instead of immediately soaking through the fibres of your carpet and causing deep staining, protective formulas form a guard between the spillage and your carpet, allowing it to rest on the surface without being absorbed straight away. This gives you plenty of time to grab some kitchen roll to press onto the stain, lifting the majority of the liquid almost instantly.

Spillages don’t go through to the back of your carpet – because of the protective layer formed between your carpet and the spillage, the stain cannot seep through to the carpet backing and potentially damage any flooring underneath. All staining is contained on the surface for easy and quick removal.

Dirt build-up is reduced – spillages aren’t the only issue when it comes to stained carpets. Mud, dust and grime can also cause unsightly discolouring, leaving you with a carpet that looks far from its freshest. Protective formulas protect the fibres of your carpet, making it far more difficult for dirt, dust and grime to attach themselves to them.

Vacuuming is easier and more effective – when you use a protective formula, it makes it far more difficult for stains and dirt to make their way deeper into the carpet. Because the majority is contained on the surface, this makes for far easier and much more effective vacuuming. You’ll notice the difference instantly. While it is possible to remove tough stains from unprotected carpets, it can be a challenging, costly process and results are not always guaranteed unless you enlist the help of a professional. Protecting your carpets with stain protection eliminates this concern entirely and may be more cost-effective in the long run. So, is it really worth it? We certainly think so! Struggling to remove tough stains from your carpet? Our Carpet Cleaning Service is designed to restore the appearance and cleanliness of your carpets for a happier, healthier home. Please do not hesitate to get in touch. We cover Brecon and the South Wales ares

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