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Bank holiday rug cleaning

Bank holiday Monday here so we try and keep that for family activities whenever possible but with work being so quiet at the moment, were having to be even more flexible that ever!

started the day with a couple of rug collections in the tight roads in Broadstairs, which challenged my driving abilities (I passed with flying colours), went back to the office to carry out rug cleaning along with some collected earlier in the week. Quick trip to Sainsbury’s for lunch and back to the family to enjoy the sunshine. I’ve managed to convince my toddlers that when the ice cream man has his music on, it means that hes run out of ice creams! Today I was feeling mean though so had mr Whipps all round. Not a drop of ice cream was silt. Honest!

booked an urgent carpet cleaning job in for tomorrow in ramsgate where a Regular client had a little too much gin And had an accident of the vomiting kind. Apparently she is feeling a little delicate today!

Stay Safe


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