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Communal Carpet Cleaning

Updated: Nov 30, 2019

Earlier this week, we were asked to clean the carpets in 6 communal blocks of flats in Ramsgate. The first thing my experience taught me was that i need a t pin plug as normal plugs wont fit in the sockets!! Set up by 8am loaded with coffee, and set to work. These carpets are alway a fantastic fibre to clean, combined with the added heat from the machine, and the soil just melted away Naturally there were patches that needed a little extra work such as the bike oil marks, but all in all a successful 2 mornings’ work.

Carpets were dry enough for immediate use so very little disruption to the residents in the buildings. From quote approval on the Friday, this job was booked in and signed off & finished by the Tuesday

Julie even got to cuddle a little baby so she was in her element

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