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Yesterday I was asked by a local lady in Margate if she could write a piece about our small cleaning business. We had been selected from number of small businesses that the lady wanted to focus on. This was part of a creative writing course that the lady was undertaking at Canterbury Christchurch University. Naturally I was happy to help in anyway I could so after a short interview and a cup of coffee, the article can be seen below. Beautifully written and hopefully I have helped Mrs Bentley out on her course in Canterbury

From Acorn To Oak

Today I caught up with local businessperson Neil Robinson, owner, and founder of Spring Clean Homes. From humble beginnings the tiny acorn that was once Spring Clean Carpets is now developing into a multifaceted great oak of a business.

Neil is a father of two young daughters and husband to wife Helen. He loves to travel and is a self-confessed Curry addict. He is currently converting a van to travel with his family so he can experience more curries from lots of different countries. Before Spring Clean Homes, he ran a car valeting company and was a web designer. Both, he feels have been a huge help in the success of his current venture.

Determination & Passion

With no genuine experience or market research before starting the company, it has gone from strength to strength. With a sheer determination to succeed and a passion to learn, Neil has put himself through all the training necessary to become a top standard accredited business. With the customers' needs and positive experience at the forefront of every individual job. Whether that be undertaking a large commercial job or in a customer's home. With a desire to always improve and evolve Neil has added new services with the same level of professionalism and dedication. He now offers, not only carpet cleaning but rug rejuvenation, Three-piece suit cleaning, leather care, Driveways, window cleaning and facias.

During the recent pandemic he has also been able to offer commercial businesses piece of mind by adding disinfection fogging to his bow. He and his team can go in, in full protective gear and deep clean offices and all equipment leaving it safe from the virus.

When it comes to his competitors, he prefers to work closely with them and maintain good working relationships so they can help one another and share knowledge. A method which is clearly working for him. He allows his employees to use their initiative and work alongside him as a valued member of the team, rather than just another cog in the machine. They are given regular training, bonuses and when targets are met even pay rises.

Social Media

Although he does have a Facebook page and a website with links to YouTube with testimonials and videos with examples of their work, social media is not at the forefront of their advertising. Word of mouth and regular customers has enabled the company to grow exponentially. The company do leaflet drops and will target areas they feel will be most effective and at various times of the year they will have a social media drive, but they prefer not to be overpowering and grow steadily rather than become too large too quickly thus losing the personal touch and could lead to cutting corners.

Company Culture

Neil prides himself on being an approachable and easy-going boss. He believes that by allowing his employees to feel they oversee the job they have been tasked with, it allows them full autonomy. Therefore, they take pride in it and feel respected and part of a team, rather than treated like a child that is not trusted to do things correctly unsupervised. Neil feels that it is this type of working environment that has helped him with success in the business so far. He obviously does have a good working relationship with his fellow workers, as he was able to leave the business in their capable hands for a month at the beginning of this year so he could go traveling with his young family and get married abroad.

Below are just a sample of some of the reviews that people have left over the years and a link to their website and fabulous Facebook page where you get a real sense of the genuine lovely man Neil is and his passion for his work and team.

16 Apr 2018

The best carpet and soft furnishing cleaners in Kent

They can bring a jaded dirty carpet back to life and it looks fantastic. They have done lots of top level training and don't just turn up with a carpet cleaner regardless but use their knowledge to advise and sort out problem areas . Very friendly service and good prices.

10 Mar 2018

Highly recommended. Have used before. Will use again! 👍🏻

Am very pleased with the upholstery cleaning job done on my two wingback chairs. One had a stain on the front of the seat cushion, plus a rust mark on the fabric, which Helen worked on very diligently to ensure the best possible result. Now you’d never even know it had been there! An excellent job from start to finish, plus good prompt customer service right from my initial phone enquiry through to job done. Thank you Neil and Helen! I shall use your company again when I want my carpets cleaned.

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