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We are back working again

We've changed the way we work to keep you & us safe

Firstly, I hope and your family are keeping safe during these strange times that were working through. As I've mentioned before, if you need anything dropped off or any assistance, please let me know, id be happy to help you.  Secondly, after a few weeks off, we have been watching the industry and the government advice, and made the decision to return to work. We have of course put a few things in place to keep you and us safe. 

10 Things We're Doing To Keep Everybody Safe 1. Wearing mask & gloves 2. Observe social distancing 2 meter guidelines 3. Wipe down with disinfectant any touch points that we come into contact with during our visit 4. Sanitise our equipment regularly throughout the day 5. Rearrange if client or us have any symptoms of virus 6. Lone working or travel in two vehicles to reduce contact between our staff 7. Sanitise all carpets & upholstery we work on 8. Online price guide to reduce home visits  9. We have stocked up hand sanitising gel for all our staff for the stapet, during and at the end of every job. 10. Encourage online payments where possible

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