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Unfortunately living in the UK, your roof is likely to take a bit of a battering from the elements here!
It's usually north facing roof sides where moss, algae and lichens grow and potentially cause harm to your roof. If this is not treated, The cold elements can leave the tiles cracked & damaged


  • ​The extra weight that a roof holds from the moss can cause stress and breakages under the tiles

  • Moss can fall into the gutters blocking them and causing potential damp problems (We vacuum these out as part of our service)​

  • If left untreated, most roofs with mortar in the ridges and gables will suffer deterioration from the roof moss​

  • Having your roof cleaned can significantly become an eye sore and reduce the kerb appeal of your home​

  • We carry out a safe moss scraping removal service to remove the majority of the moss and debris from the roof. We then treat the roof with a biocide treatment that has long lasting effect and will continue to work over the next 6 - 18 m

All our work is carried out from the safety of a scaffold tower, or ladder on bungalows

For a FREE roof cleaning quote in Kent, please call 01843 260444.

Roof Cleaning Video

As yet, we haven't got any videos of our roof cleaning service, but as an example, please see the video below. This is a roof cleaning project carried out by an excellent exterior cleaner working in a different area of the country. Their moss cleaning & biocide treatment in my opinion is the industry standard and certainly of a very high standard. This is the standard and quality we aim to achieve here at Spring Clean Homes

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