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OFF SITE Rug Cleaning

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1. Before any cleaning takes place, we identify the face and backing which gives us more information on the most appropriate way to clean the rug in the safest possible conditions. At this stage,we identify any spots and stains that may require individual treatments. Any Urine in the rug is also identified at this stage 


2. We then carry out a number of tests to ensure there are no loose rug dyes that could be in danger of migrating or running into other fibres. Any loose dyes at this stage are treated accordingly, and the rug will not move to the next stage until all dyes are stable


3. The rug is then placed face down on a metal grid and beaten, which allows any loose soil particles to exit the rug prior to vacuuming. This is a stage in the process that is often overlooked by companies offering adjust a face clean of the rug


4. Both the back and face of the rug are then vacuumed in all directions to extract any loose dry soils.


5. The rug is then placed in the rug pit and rinsed through with fresh water numerous times.  This also gives an initial flush through of any urine that may be present in the item


6. We them give the rug a full immersion clean in our rug pit, squeegeeing off any soiled water, and cleaning the rug with an oriental rug shampoo bonneted in by an industrial rotary machine


7. Further rinsing then takes place to ensure the rug is free of any residue before moving on to our drying stage


8. The rug is then placed inside our industrial centrifuge and span at high speed to remove excess water from the rug


9. The rug is then placed in the dry room to hang on bespoke hanging rack with air movers to aid airflow and speed up dry time


10. Once dry, we then identify and treat any marks that may remain in the rug with our advanced spot and stain treatments


11. Fringes are then cleaned with a hand brush to ensure they clean and bright prior to delivery back


12. The rug is then laid out and a final inspection carried out before applying a layer of protection  to the rug to ensure is remains brighter and cleaner for longer and extends its life


13. Rug is then returned back to you at a convenient time for you to enjoy for years to come

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