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Rug Cleaning

Drop Off & Collect (Min job £30.00)

We offer rug cleaning as a drop off service where you drop to our office in Westwood Cross, we clean the rug, and then let you know when its ready for collection. 

Rug cleaning is a similar process to carpet cleaning but with a few additional stages. Firstly we have to ensure that there is no colour migration or transfer on the rug before any cleaning takes place. If there is, we are generally able to stabilise this, and retest before cleaning.  The back of the rug is then beaten to remove additional deep down soil and debris. We then carry out the cleaning process similar to carpet cleaning. Finally where required, we also give the fringes a clean with solution and hand brush. 

We recommend that some rugs would not benefit from professional cleaning. This is mainly long pile rugs where debris cling to the fibres and no amount of vacuuming will be able to remove these. Please feel free to send across photo of rug and we can advise and send you a price for professional cleaning

For a free quotation please send a photo across to us and we will work out a price for you. If you would like us to collect and redeliver to you after the clean we are more than happy to do so at a rate of £2.99 each way. Our minimum for any rug cleaning that we carry out is £30 per rug

For rugs that require a more specific service such as immersion clean to treat urine, a repair or restoration, we recommend Arcadia Rug Spa in Chester whom we have been working alongside for a number of years now. 

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