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What We Are Doing To Keep Staff & Clients Safe

A message from Neil

Firstly I hope everyone is staying safe during these weird times at the moment. If you or anyone you know are struggling to get groceries at the moment, please do let me know as I am more than happy to go shopping, or even delivery click and collect that has already been ordered. Equally, if anyone feels lonely, isolated, or just need a chat, please do feel free to contact me and ill have a virtual cuppa tea and a chat with you. And of course a massive thanks to the NHS for all their hard work and love they have given during these times, as well as delivery drivers, shop workers, teachers of course.

Are We Working?

When the government lock down was announced, we took the decision to close our doors  and stop offering all of our services. We have recently taken the decision to return to work offering a skeleton service ensuring that clients were kept safe. 


What Are We Doing?

Our window cleaning service will be resuming on 11th May but will be slightly different to previous. We have put a few measures in place.

Quoting. Where possible, we request photos and as much information on areas or items that you would like quoted for. This way we are able to email you back with a guide price. For existing clients, we may have details from previous visits in our database that we can use. We are also able to pop by and measure and assess outdoor work without any contact with clients, again, we can email quotes across

Single crew teams. If we were to travel to jobs in teams, we would be putting our team members at risk as they do not live in separate households (apart from me and Helen)

Contact Less Payment. We will be not be accepting cash or cheques, and encouraging bank transfers. We understand that this may not work for some of our clients, so are happy to wait until our next visit for payment

Nitrile Gloves. We wear nitrile gloves which we regularly change through the day 

Gate Opening. We request that you open you gate prior to our visit, we are happy to provide a guide time that we will be attending your property so it is left open for the shortest possible time. 

Back Windows. For jobs that require us to walk through your property, we kindly ask that we just clean the front windows for you so we do not have to access your property

2 Metre Rule. We respectfully ask that you help us in following the guidelines of 2 metre distance. 

Coffee & Tea. As much as we love having a cuppa with our clients, we will bring our own flask of tea or coffee through the day so please don't feel you need to offer us a drink and a biscuit (We are happy to eat an extra biscuit next time)

Outdoor work. Our other outdoor services such as patio, driveway, & gutter cleaning has started again with immediate effect, adhering to the 2 metre rule of course and only in situations where everyone is kept safe. 

Chinwag. We love our clients, but we do ask that you remain indoors where possible. We can catch up next time :) 

Empty Properties. Currently, we are only happy to work in empty properties such as start and end of tenancy cleaning. On these occasions, we will always wear gloves & mask. We will also wipe down and disinfect any touch points that we have come into contact with such as switches and taps. We will also fog any area that we enter in the building with our anti microbial disinfection system. During this procedure, we wear full PPE and request that those areas are not entered until 60 minutes after this procedure has taken place.


Finally, I would like to thankyou for your patience during these times and look forward to seeing you soon when we get back to our 'new normal'


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