Carpet Cleaners Ramsgate


Carpet Cleaners Ramsgate

6 reasons you should choose us for carpet cleaning in Ramsgate

1. Advanced NCCA Approved Member: We are so proud to have been nominated for Advanced members of the National Carpet Cleaners Association. In short, this means we satisfy the very strict requirements of entry. We must hold full insurance and operate machines of the required power, while also having undertaken two forms of industry recognised training. There are new fabrics coming join to the market regularly so we keep our training up to date to be able to deal with these accordingly with the correct cleaning process


2. Powerful Carpet Cleaning: Its key to not just have the most powerful machine available on the market, but to be trained to use it to the best of its capability. We use Alltec machines which are both powerful and well suited for domestic carpets. With this machine, we ensure that we get the right level of deep down cleaning, but also high powered suction to be able to flush through and suck up the water and leave your carpets as dry as possible. 


3. Deep Clean & Longer Lasting Results: Our unique method of cleaning extracts soiling from the entire pile – not just the surface. Our process ensures your carpets dry rapidly, stay clean longer and leaves no sticky chemical residues behind. We use the NCCA approved 8 stage cleaning process so you know your carpet is in safe hands and will have the most thorough cleaning its ever seen


4. Healthy Home: Our cleaning methods will eliminate germs and dust mites – which are one of the biggest causes of allergens in the home. We always use family-safe solutions that are not harmful to humans or pets in any way and that will improve the air environment of you home – often making breathing much easier and improving sinus related symptoms.


5. NO Misleading Prices: In no way do we claim to be the cheapest cleaning company in Ramsgate. In fact if it is a cheap job you require, we may not be the best company for you. All our cleaning methods are thorough and exhaustive ensuring the best clean possible for your carpets. We feel our prices are honest and fair. We don’t oversell and we absolutely don’t use cheap sales tactics. We promise that there are never any hidden costs – we stand by our initial quotation and we do not charge extra for a fictitious“special” clean or for additional stain removal work that is required as these are quantified at the survey stage.


6. Reviews:  We have been cleaning carpets in Ramsgate since 2012 and have helped 100’s of delighted customers. Our reputation is key to us 

Price Guide

£162 2 Bedroom house

£180 3 Bedroom house

£228 4 Bedroom house

£3.30 Each Stairs

£66 Lounge

£96 Lounge/Diner

£28.8 Single Bedroom

£48 Double Bedroom

£72 Hall Stairs & Landing

*Prices inclusive of VAT

Our Minimum Price is £85